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Ski Divas

Women’s Ski Camps with Jessica Baker

La Grave, France February 2011

Dates: February 6-13, 2011
Cost: TBD

Located in La Grave, France, this camp brings women skiers to some of the most majestic and daring landscapes in the world. Do you want to improve your steep skiing skills? Learn about alpine safety, glacial travel/skiing, avalanche awareness? Rope and anchor skills? How about improving your confidence? Or have you ever wanted to learn about French wine and cheese, or how to speak French? Do you want to start your ski day with Yoga, and finish with mulled wine and massage? This camp covers it all, in a supportive environment of women coaches and peers!

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La Grave is one of the most remote and unspoiled ski areas in the southern French Alps. It is a tremendous landscape with over 8,000 vertical feet of skiing and some of the most challenging ski terrain in Europe. La Grave’s unique atmosphere of “self reliance” and lack of ski boundary law, attracts some of the most seasoned skiers and mountaineers from all over the world, and also lends itself to an atmosphere of “true” freedom, a very unique environment in the world today.

Until recently, there were no supportive venues for women to try their hand at this ski area, leaving women feeling intimidated by the venue, and discouraged from skiing the terrain. It is Ski Divas mission to be the key to help you access this terrain and improve your skiing and ski mountaineering skills in a safe, supportive, and fun setting.

You will be guaranteed daily personalized coaching with professional skier Jessica Baker and other professional women coaches.. Additionally, you will have one “official” UIAGM certified guide from the La Grave/La Meije guide service skiing with you daily. Group sizes will be no more than five per coach and guide (5:2 ratio), allowing for plenty of personal attention and safe efficient mountain travel.

La Grave RTurner ski divas lunch St. Christophe

Ski Divas La Grave Camp Price Includes:

Three star lodging at La Chaumine ski Chalet overlooking the Village and mountains of La Grave for the duration of the camp; Six and half days of breakfast and dinner; six days of ski coaching, instruction, and guiding, all your lift tickets; video footage and analysis; professional photographs by camp photographer available for purchase; early morning Yoga sessions before each ski day; discounted massage therapy; après ski French language lessons; wine and cheese workshops; a camp finale party with live music, slideshow; and absolutely the best time of your life!

What the Camp cost does not include:

Air travel to and from France; Ground transportation to La Grave from an International airport (however we will provide a shuttle service from Grenoble once on the official arrival date and once on the official departure date (for a shuttle fee each way, prices change yearly, please inquire); Lunch each day is not covered and will generally be consumed at one of the lovely on slope mountain cafes or in the village of La Grave. Gratuities for coach, guide, and food services is also not included if you wish to contribute in this way.

Is This Camp for Me?

This is a cursory criteria set for the interested camp participant however, there are always exce ptions and unique circumstances, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Skiing Level:

This camp is for the advanced skier…what does that mean? You should be comfortable with black diamond runs, and have a proficient level of skiing technique to allow you to ski a black diamond run. If you label yourself as an advanced to expert skier then this is the camp for you. Unsure? Take the quick test below and find out:

  1. Do you enjoy challenging yourself mentally and physically?
  2. Do you lead a relatively active lifestyle, or consider yourself to be “in shape”?
  3. How many years have you been skiing? If 5 or more say yes.
  4. Do you want to push your skiing and skill levels further?
  5. Do you want to learn something new?
  6. Do you enjoy the mountain environment?
  7. Do you want to learn from and enjoy skiing with other women?
  8. Do you enjoy traveling abroad?
  9. Do you like wine, cheese, and/or powder snow?

If you answered yes to all of the questions you are unquestionably a candidate….
If you answered yes to 5 or more of the questions, then you are most likely a candidate….
If you answered yes to 4 or less, and you still want to be a part of the camp, it’s time to contact me.

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Packing List

What you will need for the Ski Divas La Grave Camp (this is not a comprehensive list, however, most essentials are included):

  1. One pair of skis (something good in powder and that you feel comfortable on…anything from a mid-fat to full powder ski. I recommend a ski waist of 80 to 95 mm in width underfoot). As far as bindings go…I recommend the Fritschi freeride setup for backcountry touring options. If you do not have a pair of skis mounted with a touring binding, you can always rent a pair in La Grave on a day that touring is an option.
  2. Ski boots. Bring your ski boots, if you are comfortable skiing in your backcountry boots/AT setup, then I highly recommend you bring them, Vibram soled boots come in handy in La Grave. If you do not have AT boots, that will be fine.
  3. Poles
  4. Goggles
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Helmet
  7. Hat
  8. One Gortex or wind/water resistant shell or ski jacket.
  9. One down jacket or synthetic equivalent for layering on colder days
  10. Ski pants, warm enough for below freezing temperatures, but cool enough for ski touring if need be.
  11. Gloves and Mittens (having one set of each is a good idea, especially if you are cold or wet)
  12. Day ski pack no more than 3,000 cubic square inches. (Some packs will be available for purchase at a discounted price once you arrive)
  13. Long underwear layers
  14. Passport
  15. Credit Card, ATM card, and Euro cash (better to exchange before you arrive in La Grave, because there is only one place to exchange in La Grave, at the Post office, which is not open all the time).
  16. Clothes for après ski.
  17. Bathing suit (optional) for sauna
  18. Any personal items (prescriptions, etc) that you may need.

What Ski Divas will provide for you (unless you have your own that you would like to use):

  1. Transceiver
  2. Harness
  3. Probe
  4. Shovel
  5. Yoga Mats and Instruction
  6. French language handbook and instruction

Please contact me for additional information, or specific questions.

Additionally, Ski Divas will be participating with several sponsors to help provide gear you may want to buy. Full list of available gear coming soon.

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